Traco DIN-rail Power

Mean Well DIN-Rail Power Supplies

Mean Well DIN-rail power supplies

DIN rail power supplies are very popular with panel, machine and cabinet builders. Mean Well offers DIN rail power supplies that meet all of the industry standards. The power supplies we offer range from 10 W single phase to 1kW three-phase types. These types have a very wide input range and are suitable for IT, TN or TT systems with triangular or star shaped connections. DIN rail power supplies are normally available for O (Omega), C, or G profiles.

AC/DC DIN Rail Power Supplies

Mean Well's range of AC / DC DIN Rail power supplies always offers the right solution for professional cabinet- and application builders. You can choose between a plastic or metal housing, an extra slim design, from among a wide input range and for parallel or redundant applications. The right solution for all your DIN rail power supply needs!

Overview of AC/DC DIN rail power supplies

  • DIN-Rail Power Supplies
  • DIN-Rail DC/DC Converters
  • High Density per DIN-Rail mm
  • Redundancy & Charger Versions
  • 1-Phase & 3-Phase Versions
  • Up to IP67 Waterproof
Mean Well DIN-rail Power

Specific needs for DIN rail power supplies are welcome. There are power units for redundant solutions, battery management, buffer modules, as well as those that deal with network dips. There are also power supplies which exceed routine safety measures and are ATEX-approved for environments facing high risks of explosion or other types of threats.

General features and product options

  • High power density
  • Wide input range
  • Constant current safeguards
  • ATEX approval
  • Redundancy
  • UPS function
  • Bridging voltage dips
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Slim shape
  • TUV
  • CE
Mean Well Din-Rail

DC/DC DIN Rail mounting

Cabinet builders often work with a 24VDC bus which circulates around the entire cabinet. Whenever a 12VDC is required, for example, when supplying power to a camera, no special PCB is in place for a DC/DC PCB converter. Under these circumstances, a DC/DC converter that can be clicked onto a DIN rail is the obvious solution. Mean Well therefore has a wide range of DC / DC DIN rail converters, ranging from 15 Watts to several kW. Trains are supplied almost exclusively with DC/DC converters, often in the form of 19” rack units, but also in the form of DIN rail converters which are clicked on. For this sector Mean Well, of course, has solutions that comply with the famous EN50155 standards used for railways.

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Difference Mean Well DR DIN Rail Series

  • DR Series: Plastic Case, 15W to 100W Step Shape
  • HDR Series: Plastic Case, 15W to 100W Slim Step Shape
  • MDR Series: Plastic Case, 10W to 96W Ultra Slim
  • EDR Series: Metal Case, 75W to 480W Slim & Economical - EMI Class A Working temperature -20~+60°C Warranty 2 years
  • NDR Series: Metal Case, 75W to 480W Slim & Economical - EMI Class B Working temperature -20~+70°C Warranty 3 years
  • SDR Series: Metal Case, 75W to 960W Slim & High Efficiency
  • WDR Series: Metal Case, 120W to 480W Slim Wide Input Range / 480~960W Slim 3-phase - WDR 1,2-phase; 180~550VAC
  • TDR Series: Metal Case, 120W to 480W Slim Wide Input Range / 480~960W Slim 3-phase - TDR 3-phase; 340~550VAC
  • DR/DRP Series: Metal Case, 45W to 480W
  • DRH/DRT Series: Metal Case, 120W to 960W 3-phase
  • DR-RDN20 / DR-UPS40: Peripheral Module
  • DRA/DRC Series: 40W & 60W Output Current Programmable, 40W to 100W Battery Charger with UPS Function
  • KNX-20E-640: 20W KNX Power Supply

What does DIN stand for?

DIN derives from specs published by Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) which have been adopted as European (EN) and international (IEC) standards.