Product Upgrade Notice: KAA Actuator Add Shutter/Blind Function

13 May 2020

To cope with various building automation applications, MEAN WELL has decided to add additional Shutter/Blind function on the KAA-8R switching actuator series for upgrading it to the so-called “Universal Actuator” on the market.

The existing functionality has been completely preserved and new functions can be found in the application database version 2.0 either using ETS Online Catalog or download directly via the KAA-8R product page from MEAN WELL website. The application database version being used should match with the firmware version shown in Table 1.Image title

Units with old firmware can continue work with application database version 1.4. Should the user want to upgrade the units in hand? Follow the link to update the firmware.
The phasing-in process at the production lot is shown in the Table 2. It is going to be entirely seamless to the customers, both logistically (same ordering codes) and commercially (same prices).

If you have any questions, please check the product datasheet on the MEAN WELL website or contact your MEAN WELL sales representative.

Table 1.Application database & firmware Change :
DateApplication VersionFirmware VersionNote
5-Mar-2020Rev: 01.1Rev: 01.4
24-Apr-2020 Rev:02.0Rev:2.0Add Shutter and Blinds function Objects and parameters
  1. Rev:02.0 application database work with firmware version Rev[2]2.0 (shown in ETS).
  2. Please note this database will not work with firmware version Rev:01.4 or previous. Click here for how to solve it.
Table 2. Date of Change :
ModelUpgraded DateLot. No.
KAA-8R, KAA-8R-1011-May-2020Y2006A

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