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Mean Well DRDN20/DRDN40

Mean Well ERDN20/ERDN40

DRDN20/DRDN40/ERDN20/ERDN40 series

New in September 2019

MEAN WELL DIN RAIL type DR-RDN20 power supply redundancy module has been sold for 13 years. Due to the large size and the need to improve the accuracy of the internal circuit design, MEAN WELL developed the next-generation Din rail type of DRDN20/40 series that can be quickly installed and the screw fixed enclosed type ERDN20/40 series are planned at the same time. The detailed differences between the old and new generations are as follows.

DRDN20/40 and ERDN20/40 series are a series of 20A/40A power supply parallel redundancy modules, which can be used with the backup power supply to improve the stability and reliability of the overall system. The product key features include: Supports system 1+1 and 1+N redundancy, applies 5V (ERDN20 only) /12V/24V/48V system voltage, two DC input contacts and single output, built-in two channels DC OK relay contacts for monitoring power status, adopt Mosfet technology to reduce heat loss and reduce the voltage difference between input and output voltage, -40~+80°C ultra-wide working temperature, etc., suitable for semiconductor process equipment, industrial control, factory Automation, electromechanical equipment, etc. Applications that need to ensure that the equipment is not interrupted.

Features Mean Well DRDN20/40 & ERDN20/40 series 20A/40A Power Supply Redundancy Module

DRDN20/DRDN40/ERDN20/ERDN40 featuresApplication Mean Well DRDN20/40 & ERDN20/40 series 20A/40A Power Supply Redundancy ModuleDRDN20/DRDN40/ERDN20/ERDN40 application

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