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Mean Well FDHC-100 Serie

FDHC-100 series

New in February 2019

MEAN WELL is thrilled to introduce the new LED driver, FDHC-100 series. The release of FDHC-100 series means MEAN WELL offers wide product selection for our customer and our products can be applied to not only the Indian market but other countries. FDHC-100 series is specially designed with AC input over voltage cut-off function for areas with unstable electricity supply. With such a function, the reliability of LED driver becomes higher and can even extend the lifetime of luminaires. There are two main output current for FDHC-100 series, including FDHC-100-L type ( adjustable current range from 490 m A to 1050 m A) and FDHC-100-H type ( adjustable from 1300 m A to 3000 m A) , which are with low voltage design and double isolation to meet with SELV regulation for luminaire application.

Features Mean Well FDHC-100 Constant Power Output LED Driver

  • Constant Power mode output
  • Full power output current range 70~100%
  • Built-in Input over voltage cut-off function
  • Built-in Active PFC and THD
  • Safety certificate: BIS
  • Protections:SCP/OTP
  • IP67 waterproof design
  • 3 years warranty

Application Mean Well FDHC-100 Constant Power Output LED Driver
FDHC-100 application

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