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GEM60I/E/U Series

New in August 2018

Thanks to high reliability and versatility, the GEM12~40I and GSM06~36E/U wall-mount type adapters have received positive feedbacks from the market since subsequent release. In order to fulfill higher power requirements for wall-mount type adapters, MEAN WELL releases three MEAN WELL exclusive 60W medical grade wall-mount series ~ GEM60I (interchangeable AC plug for EU, US, UK, AU), GSM60E (fixed plug for EU), and GSM60U (fixed plug for US).

The GEM60I and GSM60E/U series are wall-mount type adapters, so they may be plugged directly into AC outlets, without pairing with an external AC cable. This allows cost saving and more efficient utilization of space. Additionally, these three product series all meet application requirements of 2xMOPP, BF type, low leakage current, DoE Level VI and ErP efficiency regulations (12~48V). With safety approvals to the latest medical safety and home healthcare standards worldwide, they are suitable for home healthcare equipment, mobile medical devices, and medical solutions that require interchangeable AC plugs for operations around the world.

Features Mean Well GEM60I/GSM60E/GSM60U Series

  • Universal AC input 80~264VAC
  • 2xMOPP isolation and low leakage current
  • Ultra-low no load power consumption
  • -30~+70℃ wide operating temperature range
  • Protections:short circuit / overload protection / overvoltage protection
  • Class II power (without earth pin)
  • IP22
  • Utilizes 94V-0 grade flame resistant enclosure
  • Safety: UL/CUL, TUV, EAC, FCC, CE
  • Small size, Dimension(LxWxH): 75.5 x 32 x 47.5mm
  • 3 years warranty

Application Mean Well GEM60I/GSM60E/GSM60U
GEM60I/E/U Application

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