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Mean Well ICL-16 Serie

ICL-16 Series

New in April 2019

ICL-16 series is a 16A AC inrush current limiter, which can be used to reduce the temporary peak current caused by turning on AC power or capacitive loads. Adding the inrush current limiter after the AC circuit breaker can effectively reduce the chance to falsely trip AC circuit breaker when starting AC loads, which increases the overall reliability of the system.

The ICL-16 utilizes built-in thermal fuse and bypass relays in the inrush current suppression circuit design, which significantly reduces the heat generated during operation and improves the product reliability, thus differentiating the ICL-16 from other inrush current limiters that use NTC. In order to meet different installation requirements, MEAN WELL is releasing both DIN rail type (ICL-16R) and linear type (ICL-16L) for customer selection.

Features Mean Well ICL-16 Series

  • Suppresses 23A peak current and 16A continuous current
  • 180~264VAC input
  • Built-in thermal fuse and bypass relay
  • Operation temperature -30~+70℃
  • 2 installation options available:
    DIN rail type ICL-16R, can be installed on TS-35/7.5 or 15 DIN rails
    Linear type ICL-16L, can be installed on flat surface
  • Dimensions:
    ICL-16R (WxHxD): 35x90x54.5mm
    ICL-16L(LxWxH): 175x42x24mm
  • Safety: EAC, CE

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