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Mean Well KSC Serie

KSC Series

New in April 2019

The KNX TP Media Coupler KSC series works as a KNX line/area coupler to provide a bi-directional data connection between two KNX TP lines/areas. Using the TP coupler application, KSC series can be used as a KNX TP line coupler to connect several KNX TP lines but also as a KNX TP area coupler to connect several TP areas or different KNX TP installation systems via a TP Backbone. Using the TP Repeater application, KSC series is able to extend a KNX TP line providing unfiltered data transfer and galvanic isolation between segments. Up to four-line segments can form a single KNX TP line by connecting three KSC-Series line repeaters.

The KSC-01L model has built-in automatic telegram filtering function, to ease commissioning and troubleshooting the manual function for short-time telegram filter switch-off and special routing/repetition/confirmation/settings are available. Furthermore, KNX data secure version(KSC-02L) is also available by request, effectively protects user data against unauthorized access and manipulation by means of encryption and authentication.

Features Mean Well KSC Series KNX Line Coupler

  • KNX TP Line Coupler/Repeater
  • Telegram filtering function
  • Long messages support up to 240 byte APDU
  • Trace the subline traffic
  • Diagnostic functions
  • Manual function
  • 3 years warranty

Application Mean Well KSC Series KNX Line CouplerKSC Application

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