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Mean Well PWM-60/90-DA Serie

PWM-60/90-DA series

New in March 2019

Two years ago, MEAN WELL decided to add DALI function to the current PWM style output style LED Driver series— PWM-120 series, which led to a wide and huge positive feedback from the market. To further satisfy customers’ demands, the DALI function was added to the current PWM-60/90 series, through which, we believe broader applications can be covered.

PWM series is a PWM(Pulse Width Modulation) design with constant voltage output product which can operate with the regular LED soft strip for decoration application and further for any DC input luminaires. The whole series design with 3 in 1 or DALI dimming function can dim LED strip without extra PWM controller, reducing the total installation cost. It is a perfect fit for indoor decoration and commercial application. In addition, the DALI function follows the IEC 62386-101/102 and 207 regulations; it can operate with all DALI certify dimmer or controller.

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Features Mean Well PWM-60/90 DALI Dimming LED Driver

  • Constant voltage PWM style output.
  • Plastic housing with Class II/Class 2(60W/90W) design.
  • Built-in active PFC function and meet IEC61347 regulation.
  • Fully encapsulated with IP67 level
  • Dimming functions: 3 in 1 dimming (dim-to-off) or DALI.
  • Protection functions: OVP,SCP ,OLP,OTP.
  • 5 years warranty

Application Mean Well PWM-60/90 DALI Dimming LED Driver
PWM-60/90-DA application

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