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Mean Well SCWN06/DCWN06 Serie

SCWN06/DCWN06 Series

New in March 2018

MEAN WELL is proud to announce the new SCWN/DCWN06 (6W) series in order to fulfill the DC/DC application market’s constant demands for performance upgrade. In comparison to the older SCW05/DCW05 (5W) series, which have been released for more than 10 years, the new series design is vastly improved in many aspects, such as wider operating temperature range, higher I/O isolation levels, etc.

The SCWN/DCWN06 series are designed according to the DIP24 dual in-line package standard and can be used as a direct replacement to the older SCW/DCW05 or any other products that share the same DIP24 footprint. Some character defining features of the SCWN/DCWN06 include 2:1 wide input range, ultra-wide operating temperature (-40~+90°C), 3000Vdc I/O isolation, EN55032 Class A EMI performance without additional filters, and 3-year warranty. These series are suitable for applications that utilize distributed power architectures, such as IoT, electric motor, wireless network, industrial control, and communication systems.

Please reference the table below to quickly differentiate between the new and old generations:

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SCWN06/DCWN06 Application

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