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Mean Well SGA40CH Serie

SGA40CH Series

New in November 2016

SGA family, the industrial slim wall-mounted green adaptor (Level VI) of MEAN WELL, has received enthusiastic responses after the complete 12W to 60W series were released to the market. In order to further fulfill the application demands of China region, in addition to the original 2 pin USA plug (U-Type) and 2 pole EURO plug (E-Type) MEAN WELL is pleased to unveil the 40W SGA40CH series adopting 2 pin China plug (CH-Type). Depending on the market demands, the CH-Type industrial slim wall-mounted green adaptor (Level VI) of other output wattages might be unveiled in the future.

The electrical specifications of SGA40CH are the same as SGA40U, accepting 90~264VAC full range input, providing 5V to 48V complete models, complying with the up-to-date international energy efficiency regulations - EISA 2007/DoE Level VI, featuring the ultra low no load power consumption which is lower than 0.075W, the highest working efficiency up to 91%, making this product achieve space-saving and further fulfill energy-saving as well as carbon reduction at either the no load mode or the operating mode that they perfectly work for applications such as various types of consumer electronics, telecommunication devices, office/commercial equipments, industrial apparatuses, or the equipments or systems required to meet the latest energy efficiency regulations.

Features Mean Well SGA40CH Series

  • 90~264VAC full range input
  • Ultra low no load power consumption
  • Comply with the up-to-date global energy efficiency regulations - EISA 2007/DoE (Level VI) and EU ErP
  • Class II power unit (no FG)
  • 94V-0 flame retardant plastic case
  • Working temperature: -20~+50℃
  • Complete protection functions: Short circuit/Overload/Over voltage
  • PApprovals: CCC/CE
  • Pass LPS
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 75.5 x 32 x 47.5 mm
  • 3 years warranty

Application Mean Well SGA40CH
SGA40CH Application

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