Meanwell Power Supplies

Mean Well Power Supplies

Meanwell power supplies

Mean Well offers a wide range of AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters and AC/AC transformers that range from 1 to 20kW. In addition to the standard products from leading manufacturers, we also supply customised series with for instance variations in output voltage or with tropicalisation. We even provide customer specific solutions. This way, we offer ready-made solutions for virtually every application.

AC/DC power supplies are required for a wide range of applications. For professional machines, panel and cabinet builders, Mean Well has a wide variety of AC/DC power supplies available, ranging from 1W to 20 kW, that suit any format or mounting method. Mean Well AC/DC power supplies are used in a wide variety of markets and applications, like lighting, OEM-market, heavy or high end industry, medical, railway, public transport, space and military.

Mean Well offers AC/DC power supplies in many different forms, so that virtually any application issue can be resolved. The cabinet builder can select from a complete series of closed frame and DIN rail power supplies, while the PCB designer can select from a great variety of PCB based modules. In addition, Mean Well offers a wide range of LED drivers, adapters, battery chargers, 19” rack modules and more!

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DIN-Rail Power Supplies DIN-Rail Power Supplies
  • DIN-Rail Power Supplies
  • DIN-Rail DC/DC Converters
  • Slim Type Available
  • Redundancy & Charger Versions
  • 1-Phase & 3-Phase Versions
  • Up to IP67 Waterproof
LED Drivers LED Drivers
  • Constant Current LED Drivers
  • Constant Voltage LED Drivers
  • Up to IP68 Waterproof
  • Multiple Dimming Options
  • EN61347 & UL8750
  • Plastic or Metal Enclosures
DC/DC Converters DC/DC Converters
  • Classic & POL Converters
  • With or Without Galvanic Isolation
  • SMD or Through Hole Versions
  • Input Range 2:1, 4:1 & Wider
  • DIN-rail, PCB, 19 inch, Chassis Mount
  • Open & Closed Frame
Closed Frame Power Supplies Closed Frame Power Supplies
  • Enclosed Type Power Supplies
  • U-Frame Type Power Supplies
  • Single, Double & Multiple Output
  • Built-In PFC Function
  • DIN-Rail, 19" Adaptation
  • AC/DC Power Supplies & DC/DC Converters
Open Frame Power Supplies Open Frame Power Supplies
  • Class I & Class II
  • Screw or PCB Mounting
  • Single, Double & Multiple Output
  • Built-In PFC Function
  • LED Driver Models Available
  • AC/DC Power & DC/DC Converters
PCB Power Modules PCB Power Modules
  • Single, Double & Triple Output
  • Class I & Class II
  • LED Driver Models Available
  • AC/DC Power & DC/DC Converters
  • SMD & Through Hole Versions
  • With or Without Galvanic Isolation
Desktop Adaptors Desktop Adaptors
  • Fixed or Separate Power Cord
  • Class I & Class II
  • Single & Multiple Output
  • Variable Output Connectors
  • Desktop Adapters up to 280W
  • Conform ErP 2 & Energy Star VI
Wall Socket Adaptors Wall Socket Adaptors
  • EN55022, TÜV, EN60950-1
  • 5 ~ 48V Output Voltage
  • Green USB 5V Adapters
  • Variable Output Connector
  • Fixed or Interchangeable Plugs
  • Medical - 2xMOPP
DC/AC Inverters DC/AC Inverters
  • Pure or Modified Sine Wave
  • European & US Models
  • Power up to 3kW
  • 19 inch rack Mount
  • Low Cost Models for Caravan e.g.
  • Heavy Duty Models for Rail e.g.
Rack Power Supplies Rack Power Supplies
  • Single & Triple Phase
  • Hot Swap Redundancy
  • 1U Power Supplies
  • High Voltage Input & Output
  • Aditional Monitoring Functions
  • 19" Mounting
Modular Power Supplies Modular Power Supplies
  • For Screw-Based Installations
  • Universal AC Input / Full Range
  • Parallel or Serial Function Possible
  • Additional 12V/0.1A Auxiliary Output for RC
  • With Active PFC Function
  • Cooling by Built-in DC Fan with Alarm
Power Plugs & Cords Power Plugs & Cords
  • Moulded on Connectors
  • Connector on 1 End
  • Connectors on Both Ends
  • European, UK, US Format
  • Leads with Screw or Clip
  • All Industry Certificates Supported