New Products

New Mean Well DC/DC Converters

The following new MeanWell items have been released on our webshop.

Mean Well MDS03/MDS06/MDD03/MDD06 Series Mean Well MDS03/MDS06/MDD03/MDD06 Series

New in July 2021

3W/6W Miniaturized Medical Grade Module Type DC/DC Converter

Mean Well RSDW20UW/RDDW20UW Series Mean Well RSDW20UW/RDDW20UW Series

New in September 2020

In order to power applications with extremely unstable DC voltage source or applications that need wide input range to reduce SKUs, MEAN WELL has launched the rarely seen 18:1 ultra-wide voltage input RSDW20UW and RDDW20UW series.

Mean Well SKMW15/DKMW15 Series Mean Well SKMW15/DKMW15 Series

New in August 2020

In order to fulfill lower power requirements for 1”x1” converters, MEAN WELL is introducing the 15W single output, SKMW15 Series and dual output, DKMW15 series.

Mean Well RSDW40/RSDW60/RDDW40/RDDW60 Series Mean Well RSDW40/RSDW60/RDDW40/RDDW60 Series

New in June 2020

The RSDW40/60 and RDDW40/60 series are designed according to universally adopted size and pin-out standards for 2”x 1” converters.

Mean Well RSD-500 Series Mean Well RSD-500 Series

New in June 2020

The RSD-500 series is designed to meet both railway and ITE safety standards and it is suitable for DC/DC applications such as industrial & railway control, security control, and telecommunication systems.

Mean Well SKMW06/DKMW06 Series Mean Well SKMW06/DKMW06 Series

New in April 2020

Since release, MEAN WELL 10W/15W/20W/30W 1”x 1” wide range input DC/DC converters received widely positive feedback from the market. In order to fulfill lower power requirements for 1”x1” converters, MEAN WELL is releasing the 6W single output SKMW06 and dual output DKMW06 series.

Mean Well MDS15/MDS20 Series Mean Well MDS15/MDS20 Series

New in February 2020

With the certification to IEC60601-1 medical safety standard, the MDS15 and MDS20 are suitable for enhancing medical system isolation level and reducing patient contact leakage current for applications such as oxygen monitor, clinical mobile station, surgical room display, and oral care equipment.