New Products

New Mean Well DIN Rail Power Supplies

The following new MeanWell items have been released on our webshop.

Mean Well DDR-480 Series Mean Well  DDR-480 Series

New in May 2020

DDR-480 series is designed to meet both railway and ITE safety standards and it is suitable for DC/DC applications such as industrial & railway control, security control, and telecommunication systems.

Mean Well DBUF20/40 Mean Well DBUF20/40

New in January 2020

MEAN WELL newly introduced the DBUF20/40 series of DIN rail-mounted 20A/ 40A buffer modules, which can be used with DIN rail power supplies to provide short-term backup for the load. DBUF20/40 will enter the buffer mode when the AC mains power is temporarily suspended or interrupted.

Mean Well DDRH-60 Series Mean Well  DDRH-60 Series

New in January 2020

DDRH-60 is suitable for solar and wind powered renewable energy applications, as well as DC power distribution systems that requires voltage conversion from high voltage to low voltage DC.