New Products

New Mean Well Enclosed Power Supplies

New releases of Mean Well enclosed Power Supply units. Encased, Open-Case and U-Case power supplies are regularly updated by Mean Well to offer the latest technologies in newer versions of power supplies.

Mean Well LSP-160 Series Mean Well LSP-160 Series

New in March 2020

The LSP series is a new miniature enclosure-type power supply which is mainly developed to provide equipment with high stability feature and redundant functions. Slim width (55mm) and low profile(20 mm) case with fanless design is a perfect fit for indoor noise-free equipment or narrow-sized display applications.

Mean Well MPM-45/65/90 Series Mean Well MPM-45/65/90 Series

New in February 2020

These three series are on-board type medical power modules, and they are suitable for direct mounting and soldering onto the PCB.

Mean Well IRM-90 Series Mean Well IRM-90 Series

New in January 2020

MEAN WELL announces the 90W IRM-90 series, which can also be directly mounted and soldered onto the PCB. Additionally, the IRM-90-xST screw terminal type can offer alternative mounting and wiring options.

Mean Well UHP-2500-36 Series Mean Well UHP-2500-36 Series

New in December 2019

MEAN WELL leading conduction-cooled power supply UHP-2500 struck a chord when 24V and 48V models were released in August 2019. In order to meet the comprehensive needs of end customers, MEAN WELL is pleased to launch the UHP-2500-36 model to complete the UHP series.

Mean Well HEP-1000 Series Mean Well HEP-1000 Series

New in October 2019

The HEP-1000 is enclosed in a unique fanless and fully sealed metal casing and is fully encapsulated with silicone gel, which provides effective environmental protections when installing power supplies in dusty and humid environments.

Mean Well DRDN20/DRDN40/ERDN20/ERDN40 Series Mean Well DRDN20/DRDN40/ERDN20/ERDN40 Series

New in September 2019

DRDN20/40 and ERDN20/40 series are a series of 20A/40A power supply parallel redundancy modules, which can be used with the backup power supply to improve the stability and reliability of the overall system.

Mean Well PHP-3500 Series Mean Well PHP-3500 Series

New in September 2019

PHP-3500 is a 3.5kW single output enclosed type AC/DC water-cooling power supply which adopts fully digitalized design and possesses rich features such as 96% high efficiency, programmable output, support communication, multiply output power in parallel connection, in 60mm low profile and 18W/inch3 power density.

Mean Well UHP-2500 Series Mean Well UHP-2500 Series

New in August 2019

The product is equipped with programmable voltage and current (PV/PC) functions, which allows the trimming of output voltage between 50~120% and current between 20~100% by an external DC control signal, and communication protocols PMBus or CANBus available for customer to choose from.

Mean Well UHP-1500 Series Mean Well UHP-1500 Series

New in August 2019

UHP-1500 is the first conduction-cooled series equipped with communication function that built-in PMBus or CANBus is available for customer to choose from. The communication protocols allow the power supply to be seamlessly integrated into high-end systems such as data center, network equipment, and charging system.

Mean Well RPS-500 Series Mean Well RPS-500 Series

New in April 2019

RPS-500 series comes with options for multiple form factors, including bare PCB (RPS-500), fanless covered (RPS-500-C), as well as chassis mount with built-in fans (top fan: RPS-500-TF; side fan: RPS-500-SF). With the various optional offerings, MEAN WELL is able to provide new standard power solutions for many different medical applications.

Mean Well UMP-400 Series Mean Well UMP-400 Series

New in April 2019

MEAN WELL is proud to introduce the AC-DC 400W low-profile modular fan-less power supply, UMP-400 series. This product is a 1U low profile power supply which can also be modularized. The concept of being flexible and modular makes it an uncommon type of power supply on the market.

Mean Well CSP-3000 Series Mean Well CSP-3000 Series

New in March 2019

CSP-3000’s most important feature is providing 120V/250V/400VDC high voltage output. Combined with constant current limit set at 100% output, this product series is very suitable for laser, UV curing, and charging equipment.

Mean Well XBG-160 Series Mean Well XBG-160 Series

New in March 2019

XBG-160 series can be used at 100% load output with driver current from 2850 m A ~4100 m A at 160w full power output. This series is a suitable fit for industrial application.

Mean Well UHP-750/UHP-1000 Series Mean Well UHP-750/UHP-1000 Series

New in Feburary 2019

MEAN WELL expands to higher power coverage by releasing the UHP-750 (750W) and UHP-1000 (1000W) series. Undoubtedly, the UHP-750 series and UHP-1000 series will be the top choice for high-power power supplies that are suitable for applications in a wide variety of environment.