New Products

New Mean Well Enclosed Power Supplies

New releases of Mean Well enclosed Power Supply units. Encased, Open-Case and U-Case power supplies are regularly updated by Mean Well to offer the latest technologies in newer versions of power supplies.

Mean Well PHP-3500-HV Series Mean Well PHP-3500-HV Series

New in June 2021

With the trend of new industrial applications, the demand for DC high-voltage output power supply is increasing. PHP-3500-HV series provides 115V, 230V and 380V output voltages, which can be used for industries that require high-voltage output applications.

Mean Well NTS/NTU-1200 Series Mean Well NTS/NTU-1200 Series

New in May 2021

The MEAN WELL NTS/NTU-1200 differentiates itself apart from general consumer grade inverter by adopting industrial-grade high reliability, high safety, high quality, and incorporates environmental protection and high-efficiency conceptual design.

Mean Well NTS-750 Series Mean Well NTS-750 Series

New in April 2021

The new NTS-750 replaces the old generation of TS-700 series and brings about improvements such as smaller case size, easier operation of panel functions, optimized performance, and more competitive pricing.

Mean Well NTS-300/450 Series Mean Well NTS-300/450 Series

New in March 2021

The new NTS-300/450 replaces the old generation of TS-200/400 series and brings about improvements such as smaller case size, easier operation of panel functions, optimized performance, and more competitive pricing.

Mean Well NTS-250P/400P Series Mean Well NTS-250P/400P Series

New in March 2021

In order to meet market demand for more cost-effective inverters, MEAN WELL has planned a new-generation NTS/NTU family of 250W~3200W inverters. The first products to be launched are the MEAN WELL pioneered built-in type DC-AC pure sine wave inverters, the NTS-250P/400P series.

Mean Well HEP-1000-W Series Mean Well HEP-1000-W Series

New in February 2020

To provide a complete harsh environment power supply product, MEAN WELL has released new HEP-1000-W series. The difference between this series and the previous HEP-1000 product lies in that the input and output adopt the waterproof wires, meeting the IP67 standard.

Mean Well HRP-150N/300N/600N Series Mean Well HRP-150N/300N/600N Series

New in October 2020

MEAN WELL HRP series have been selling well in the industrial control field for many years because of ultra-high performance and a 5-year long warranty. This year, we specially selected the common power and voltage used for driving motors and developed the HRP-150N/300N/600N series.

Mean Well UHP-200/350/500 Series 55V Mean Well UHP-200/350/500 Series 55V

New in September 2020

To meet more fields of application and provides customers with a more complete selection of output voltage models, MEAN WELL especially introduces the 55V output models to UHP-200/350/500 series. The 55 voltage output model of UHP series can be applied in telecom, charging,PoE, and electrolysis application.

Mean Well LSP-160 Series Mean Well LSP-160 Series

New in March 2020

The LSP series is a new miniature enclosure-type power supply which is mainly developed to provide equipment with high stability feature and redundant functions. Slim width (55mm) and low profile(20 mm) case with fanless design is a perfect fit for indoor noise-free equipment or narrow-sized display applications.

Mean Well MPM-45/65/90 Series Mean Well MPM-45/65/90 Series

New in February 2020

These three series are on-board type medical power modules, and they are suitable for direct mounting and soldering onto the PCB.

Mean Well IRM-90 Series Mean Well IRM-90 Series

New in January 2020

MEAN WELL announces the 90W IRM-90 series, which can also be directly mounted and soldered onto the PCB. Additionally, the IRM-90-xST screw terminal type can offer alternative mounting and wiring options.