New Products

New Mean Well LED Drivers

The following new MeanWell items have been released on our webshop.

Mean Well LDH-25/65 Series Mean Well LDH-25/65 Series

New in July 2020

LDH-25/65W which are designed as step up mode DC/DC LED driver can be used with a secondary battery bus.

Mean Well XBG-100/240 Series Mean Well XBG-100/240 Series

New in February 2020

The XBG series is officially launched today. The current wattage can cover 100W / 160W and 240W, which can meet most applications of bay light and floodlight.

Mean Well PWM-60/120KN Series Mean Well PWM-60/120KN Series

New in January 2020

PWM-KN series is an AC/DC LED driver featuring the constant voltage mode with PWM style output, which is able to maintain the colour temperature and the brightness homogeneity when driving all kinds of LED strips and the KNX interface to avoid using the complicated KNX-DALI gateway.

Mean Well LCM-25KN Series Mean Well LCM-25KN Series

New in December 2019

LCM-25KN series is a 25W AC/DC constant current mode output LED driver featuring the multiple levels selectable by dip switch and the KNX interface to avoid using the complicated KNX-DALI gateway.

Mean Well SLD-50 Series Mean Well SLD-50 Series

New in September 2019

MEAN WELL new ultra-slim SLD-50 series is officially released soon after the SLD-80 series. With the launch of SLD-50 series, the whole linear type product line is fully completed.

Mean Well LCM-40/60BLE Series Mean Well LCM-40/60BLE Series

New in September 2019

Working in cooperation with the European company Casambi, which is dedicated to developing Bluetooth mesh networking solutions, MEAN WELL has integrated the Bluetooth mesh module with our LCM-40/60BLE series.

Mean Well HVGC-1000 Series Mean Well HVGC-1000 Series

New in August 2019

The HVGC-1000 series can operate with single phase 230V AC input or one phase 347V/380V AC distributed from three phase input, a vantage to horticultural lighting and stadium lighting applications.

Mean Well SLD-80 Series Mean Well SLD-80 Series

New in August 2019

The launch of SLD series is believed to meet the requirements for wider and different lighting applications. Its’ slim and linear appearance is suitable for decoration lighting/signage and linear luminaire application.

Mean Well HBGC-300-DA Series Mean Well HBGC-300-DA Series

New in July 2019

The HBGC-300 series is a newly developed LED driver for Bay light and outdoor floodlight luminaires applications with DALI 2 dimming function which can operate with intelligently dimming control to increase the luminaire’s value and functions.

Mean Well XLG-240 Series Mean Well XLG-240 Series

New in July 2019

MEAN WELL XLG-240 series officially debuts today. Combining the experienced of engineers, the rigorous testing of DVT / DQT of the internal quality assurance department, and obtaining international product safety regulations, the XLG family (25~240W) products are launched.

Mean Well ELGC-300-DA Series Mean Well ELGC-300-DA Series

New in May 2019

The ELGC-300-DA series is a newly developed LED driver with DALI 2 dimming function which can be applied with intelligent dimming control interface and further increase the value of the luminaires.

Mean Well XLG-150/200 Series Mean Well XLG-150/200 Series

New in May 2019

To offer a complete product choice, the XLG-150/200 series (150/ 200W) is soon officially unveiled after the launch of XLG-25/50/75 /100 series (25/50/75 /10W). The whole series adopts constant power mode design, which is convenient for customers to design and adjust driver current for various LED light sources.

Mean Well XLG-75/100 Series Mean Well XLG-75/100 Series

New in April 2019

In response to the miniaturization trend of the lighting fixture design, MEAN WELL R&D team expertly designed the XLG series, successfully reducing by 20~30% of the dimension.

Mean Well LCM-40/60KN Series Mean Well LCM-40/60KN Series

New in April 2019

In order to enlarge KNX product variety to meet the needs of end customers and system integrator. After the launch of KAA-4R4V 4 channel dimming actuator, the world first in the market KNX LED constant current driver is proudly introduced.

Mean Well PWM-60/90-DA Series Mean Well PWM-60/90-DA Series

New in March 2019

MEAN WELL decided to add DALI function to the current PWM style output style LED Driver series— PWM-120 series, which led to a wide and huge positive feedback from the market. To further satisfy customers’ demands, the DALI function was added to the current PWM-60/90 series, through which, we believe broader applications can be covered.

Mean Well FDHC-100 Series Mean Well FDHC-100 Series

New in February 2019

FDHC-100 series is specially designed with AC input over voltage cut-off function for areas with unstable electricity supply. With such a function, the reliability of LED driver becomes higher and can even extend the lifetime of luminaires.