New Products

New Mean Well LED Drivers

The following new MeanWell items have been released on our webshop.

Mean Well HBGC-300-DA Series Mean Well HBGC-300-DA Series

New in July 2019

The HBGC-300 series is a newly developed LED driver for Bay light and outdoor floodlight luminaires applications with DALI 2 dimming function which can operate with intelligently dimming control to increase the luminaire’s value and functions.

Mean Well XLG-240 Series Mean Well XLG-240 Series

New in July 2019

MEAN WELL XLG-240 series officially debuts today. Combining the experienced of engineers, the rigorous testing of DVT / DQT of the internal quality assurance department, and obtaining international product safety regulations, the XLG family (25~240W) products are launched.

Mean Well ELGC-300-DA Series Mean Well ELGC-300-DA Series

New in May 2019

The ELGC-300-DA series is a newly developed LED driver with DALI 2 dimming function which can be applied with intelligent dimming control interface and further increase the value of the luminaires.

Mean Well XLG-150/200 Series Mean Well XLG-150/200 Series

New in May 2019

To offer a complete product choice, the XLG-150/200 series (150/ 200W) is soon officially unveiled after the launch of XLG-25/50/75 /100 series (25/50/75 /10W). The whole series adopts constant power mode design, which is convenient for customers to design and adjust driver current for various LED light sources.

Mean Well XLG-75/100 Series Mean Well XLG-75/100 Series

New in April 2019

In response to the miniaturization trend of the lighting fixture design, MEAN WELL R&D team expertly designed the XLG series, successfully reducing by 20~30% of the dimension.

Mean Well LCM-40/60KN Series Mean Well LCM-40/60KN Series

New in April 2019

In order to enlarge KNX product variety to meet the needs of end customers and system integrator. After the launch of KAA-4R4V 4 channel dimming actuator, the world first in the market KNX LED constant current driver is proudly introduced.

Mean Well PWM-60/90-DA Series Mean Well PWM-60/90-DA Series

New in March 2019

MEAN WELL decided to add DALI function to the current PWM style output style LED Driver series— PWM-120 series, which led to a wide and huge positive feedback from the market. To further satisfy customers’ demands, the DALI function was added to the current PWM-60/90 series, through which, we believe broader applications can be covered.

Mean Well FDHC-100 Series Mean Well FDHC-100 Series

New in February 2019

FDHC-100 series is specially designed with AC input over voltage cut-off function for areas with unstable electricity supply. With such a function, the reliability of LED driver becomes higher and can even extend the lifetime of luminaires.

Mean Well XLG-25/50 Series Mean Well XLG-25/50 Series

New in November 2018

It can be used for LED Bay light/Streetlight/Horticulture lighting and flood light applications. XLG series applies the constant current and constant power design, which remarkably enhances the convenience of integrating model selection.

Mean Well LCM-40/60EO Series Mean Well LCM-40/60EO Series

New in September 2018

LCM-40/60EO series(40/60W) is a AC/DC constant current mode output LED driver featuring the multiple levels selectable by dip switch.

Mean Well ELG-300/ELGC-300 Series Mean Well ELG-300/ELGC-300 Series

New in September 2018

ELGC-300 series can operate with wide AC input range from 100 to 305V. Furthermore, it adopts the Global Input /Output cable design, which can be applied worldwide.

Mean Well HBGC-300 Series Mean Well HBGC-300 Series

New in August 2018

HBGC-300 series can operate with wild AC input range(100 ~305 VAC) and adopts constant power mode design, reaching high efficiency up to 94.5%.

Mean Well HVGC-650 Series Mean Well HVGC-650 Series

New in May 2018

HVGC-650 series can operate with single phase input or one phase distributed from three phase input, which is a great advantage to industrial environment lighting or horticultural lighting application.