New Products

New Mean Well Lighting Products

The following new MEAN WELL-items are now available in the shop.

Mean Well DLC-02 Series Mean Well DLC-02 Series

New in June 2021

MEAN WELL’s DLC-02 series adopts Class II with insulated plastic casing and DIN-Rail mounting design(144mm width), which can be quickly installed in the distribution box for easily integrated with other building automation products.

Mean Well PWM-200KN Series Mean Well PWM-200KN Series

New in June 2021

PWM-200KN series is constant voltage driver with PWM style output, which is able to maintain the colour temperature and the brightness homogeneity when driving all kinds of LED strips.

Mean Well NPF/PWM/OWA-200 Series Mean Well NPF/PWM/OWA-200 Series

New in April 2021

With the booming demand for intelligent design and charging applications products, MEAN WELL continues to develop power products suitable for Class II plastic housing design. The newly launched 200W products with Class II plastic housing design can be used for different fields and applications.

Mean Well NLDD-H/LDDS-H Series Mean Well NLDD-H/LDDS-H Series

New in February 2021

To offer more SELV(Class III) DC input step-down LED drives for the promising market of the safety Low-voltage centralized bus, MEAN WELL has developed two direct current (DC) input LED drivers, NLDD-H and LDDS-H series.

Mean Well LCM/PWM-DA2 Series Mean Well LCM/PWM-DA2 Series

New in December 2020

For the indoor DALI dimming solution, MEAN WELL improved the product functions and launched products that comply with DALI 2.0 regulations, including LCM-DA2 series and PWM-DA2 series.

Mean Well LCM/PWM- IoT Series Mean Well LCM/PWM- IoT Series

New in October 2020

MEAN WELL released LCM-40/60BLE series, LED drivers with CASAMBI Bluetooth mesh module, in 2019. This year, two new Bluetooth mesh module brands, Tuya from China and Silvair from Poland, are added to LCM-IoT and PWM-IoT series.

Mean Well LDH-25/65 Series Mean Well LDH-25/65 Series

New in July 2020

LDH-25/65W which are designed as step up mode DC/DC LED driver can be used with a secondary battery bus.

Mean Well XBG-100/240 Series Mean Well XBG-100/240 Series

New in February 2020

The XBG series is officially launched today. The current wattage can cover 100W / 160W and 240W, which can meet most applications of bay light and floodlight.

Mean Well PWM-60/120KN Series Mean Well PWM-60/120KN Series

New in January 2020

PWM-KN series is an AC/DC LED driver featuring the constant voltage mode with PWM style output, which is able to maintain the colour temperature and the brightness homogeneity when driving all kinds of LED strips and the KNX interface to avoid using the complicated KNX-DALI gateway.