New Products

New Mean Well Open Frame Power Supplies

The following new MeanWell items have been released on our webshop.

Mean Well EPP-120S Series Mean Well EPP-120S Series

New in April 2019

MEAN WELL has achieved 120W in a 3”x2” PCB form factor via technical breakthrough and is proud to release the ultra-high power density miniaturized EPP-120S series.

Mean Well RPS-120S Series Mean Well RPS-120S Series

New in April 2019

MEAN WELL is expanding the RPS family’s 3”x2” product offering to 120W, up from 30~65W of the previously released RPS-30/45/65, by releasing the ultra-high power density RPS-120S series.

Mean Well EPP-500 Series Mean Well EPP-500 Series

New in March 2019

As a response to the increasing demands for higher power density in open frame power supply applications, MEAN WELL is expanding the 5”x3” open frame product offering to reach 500W output power. EPP-500 series’ 500W output is currently the highest available wattage for a 5”x3” open frame type power supply.