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New Mean Well Power Supplies

Mean well announces new series for LED Driver, DIN Rail power supplies or other application where power supplies are needed. All Meanwell related news can be found per news category.

DPU-3200 Series

DRP/DPU-3200 series provide vast design flexibility by equipping various built-in functions such as output programming, active current sharing, remote ON-OFF control, auxiliary power, built in ORing FETs and Positronic connector to support hot swap and etc.

RDSW08 Series

MEAN WELL continues to expand the DC/DC railway product line to cover even lower power applications by releasing the RSDW/RDDW08 and RSDW/RDDW10 series, which are 8W and 10W DC/DC encapsulated on board modules suitable for railway applications.

PSPA-1000 Series

To offer more choices of high power products, MEAN WELL extends the output power to 1000W and releases PSPA-1000. The outstanding feature for PSPA-1000 is sharing the same mechanism with PSP-600. Customers can replace 600W power supply with 1000W one without modifying space.