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Meanwell Open Frame

For those cases in which the power supply does not have to have its own housing, Mean Well offers an extensive range of AC/DC Open Frame modules. Here we also offer models with up to 3 outputs, but also solutions that differ only, for instance, in terms of their form factor. Obviously each power supply has gone through the required inspections and meets the required safety standards for the industrial sector (EN60950-1) as well as for the medical sector (EN60601-1).

An open frame power supply may consist of a frame without a lid, a simple chassis plate, or even just a separate PCB, depending on the intended application. The power range is very extensive, and the design can also be tailored exclusively to specific markets such as for the medical or industrial sectors.

Mean Well Open Frame Power

Overview of AC/DC Open Frame power supplies

  • Class I & Class II
  • Screw or PCB Mounting
  • Single, Double & Multiple Output
  • Built-in PFC Function
  • LED Driver Models Available
  • DC/DC Open Frame Converters

AC/DC Power & DC/DC Converters

Besides encapsulated units, there is also a sizeable demand for open frame units, often stemming from concerns about temperature. Mean Well offers open frame DC/DC converters for PCB or screw-based mounting.

Mean Well has an attractive range of DC/DC Open Frame convertors. Among the product lines from these suppliers, it is always possible to find the right power solution for your application, and Mean Well provides affordable, fast service which is guaranteed to be good!

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