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The following new MeanWell items have been released on our webshop.

Mean Well ICL-28R/L Mean Well ICL-28R/L

New in October 2019

As a response to high demands from the market for higher current inrush current limiters, MEAN WELL quickly releases the ICL-28R/L series that can support higher current ratings than the ICL-16R/L.

Mean Well SPD-10S-277S Mean Well SPD-10S-277S

New in August 2019

As a response to the positive feedback for previously released SPD-10-320S, SPD-20HP-277S/480S, and SPD-20 surge protectors, MEAN WELL is releasing the new SPD-10S-277S that has small size, low cost, safety approvals, and can sustain a maximum discharge current of 10kA.

Mean Well ICL-16 Mean Well ICL-16

New in April 2019

The ICL-16 utilizes built-in thermal fuse and bypass relays in the inrush current suppression circuit design, which significantly reduces the heat generated during operation and improves the product reliability, thus differentiating the ICL-16 from other inrush current limiters that use NTC.