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Mean Well pcb power modules

Mean Well PCB Power Modules

Mean Well also has some of the top lines in its range for the PCB mounting of AC/DC power supplies. Once the PCB has been attached, the user no longer has to worry about the wiring. The modules are compact, 100% encapsulated, and are moulded in a vacuum in order to avoid air bubbles. An AC/DC power supply for PCB mounting has been designed for direct installation on a printed circuit board, saving valuable development time for your print design and flexibility for your application.. Most PCB mount AC/DC power supplies range from 5 to 60 Watts with single, dual, and triple outputs. These small and light modules are ideal for use within a wide range of applications such as for process control, testing and measuring equipment, and portable applications.

AC/DC power supply for PCB mounting

  • Single output AC/DC
  • Dual output AC/DC
  • Triple output AC/DC
  • AC/DC industrial power
  • AC/DC medical power
  • AC/DC Category II

DC/DC Power Supply for PCB Mounting

Traco TEN PCB SeriesMean Well has a wide range of classic DC/DC converters for PCB mounting ranging from 1 to 250 Watts with varying levels of insulation. These converters can be either regulated or unregulated, have a wide (2:1) or even have a very wide (4:1 or more) input range, and are available both in through hole and SMD versions. There are also POL converters without galvanic isolation, which are ideal for applications in which small output voltages are required. The high switching frequencies combined with the latest technologies result in a very high power density, which allows even those modules with high capacities to remain incredibly compact. We supply special model lines that meet the standards for particular market sectors, such as for the military industry, the aviation and aerospace industry, the railway industry, and the medical industry./p>

DC/DC Converters for PCB mounting

  • with or without galvanic isolation
  • with or without regulation
  • with a narrow input range
  • with an input range of 2:1, 4:1, or wider
  • type through hole or SMD
  • for the industrial sector
  • for the medical sector
  • for the railways and other public transport
  • for the military, aerospace and aviation sectors
  • moulded or open version