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Mean Well Rack Mount Power Supplies

Rack Mount Power Supplies Meanwell

With the development of other, more economic solutions, the use of the 19" rack power suppliers has largely ended up in specialised markets such as telecommunications, the semiconductor, and the instrumentation market. Mean Well has a nice assortment of 19” rack power supplies, which can be potentially used as “hot swappable redundant” units with, for example, the possibility to read via I2C communication the temperature of certain sensors or the speed of certain fans from a distance.

Mean Well has 19” rack mounted AC / DC power supplies. The application markets for 19” rack power supplies place strict demands on both quality and reliability. In response Mean Well practices sound quality management product selection. In addition to mono-and triple phase solutions, we also have model lines with very high input or output voltages, along with ultra-flat 1U modules for server cabinets.

19” rack mounted AC/DC power supplies

  • Mono-phase
  • Triple phase
  • For swappable redundancy
  • 1U power supplies
  • For high input voltage
  • For high output voltage
  • With monitoring functions
Mean Well Rack Mount Power Supplies

19” Rack DC/DC Converters

Trains are supplied almost exclusively with DC/DC converters, often in the form of 19” rack units. For this sector Mean Well, of course, offers solutions that comply with the EN50155 standards used in the rail industry. These DC/DC converters are available in capacities ranging from 60W to several kW, and can also come with a redundant switch.

For the tram network, there are types available with high input voltages, typically 750VDC. For the Navy, there are types available that conform to the MIL-Std 1399 standards, for the army there are types available to conform to the MIL-Std 1275B standards, and for the air force types that conform to, for example, the MIL-Std 704 standards.

The applications for which 19 "rack mounted DC / DC converters are normally used tend to be such that the construction and implementation should be both extremely robust and reliable. With brands such as Autronic, Schaefer and Syko Power, Mean Well can supply you state-of-the-art converters of a very high quality. All products are accompanied by the certificates standard in the industry, and Mean Well provides full support.