How do I choose a Mean Well LED Power Supply?

MW LED power supply family
Mean Well LED power supply family

How to choose a suitable LED power supply

  1. Power rating should be based on actual LED load requirement also include some tolerance in power.
  2. Confirm LED drive method:
    • Use MW power supply to driver LED lamp directly.
    • Use MW power supply in combination in with constant current LED driver. IC to achieve precise constant current control.
  3. Whether it is necessary to have power factor correction(PFC). Refer to the comparison chart below.
  4. Confirm operating environment of the LED power supply in order to select suitable IP level and mechanical design (metallic enclosure, plastic enclosure,PCB type).
  5. Confirm whether the application requires safety certifications.
  6. If the power supply is going to drive the LED directly, model with adjustable voltage and current might be more preferable. Also, whether or not dimming function is needed?
MW LED power supply comparison chart
Mean Well LED power supply comparison chart
MW LED power supply quick selection table
MW LED power supply quick selection table

MW LED power supply specification

Spec sheets includes information such as output electrical characteristics, input specifications, load conditions, protection functions, operating environment, safety and EMC compliance, and other importance notices. Please go to the Mean Well website to download this information.

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