Product Notice: Configurable Power Solution Website Update

mardi 10 mars 2020

We are pleased to announce to all our partners that in keeping with the enterprise mission “The endless pursuit of innovation and improvement”, MEAN WELL officially restructured the System Power Solution website to Configurable Power Solution website at the end of Feb. 2020. The reason for updating the website is that both system and modular power solutions, if we look at product configuration, it is obvious that their core products adopt modular design. Simply speaking, power shelf to the system power supply is like front-end case to the modular power supply, while power supply modules of the system power supply equal to power module cards of the modular power supply. Similar to assemble building blocks, both product lines can create solutions flexibly and quickly based on customer needs.

With modular power NMP & UMP series being added in, Configurable Power Solution website thus features more benefits as following:

  1. Integrated two product lines, Rack Power and Modular Power, covering 400W-128kW load range to offer more solutions!
  2. NMP & UMP series meet the requirements of 62368 and 2x MOPP medical standards, solution-wise expands the scope of application!
  3. On Request for solution page, we created a new feature of downloadable NMP selection tool together with to recommend power solutions faster than before for our distributors and end customers!

We sincerely hope our partners utilize Configurable Power Solution website more often, through the contents of product applications, and the handy tool provided on “Request for solution” page to obtain desired power solutions!Now Click in to see the new website !meanwell new website

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