Product Upgrade Notice: CSP-3000 Optimization and Conformal Coating Added

lundi 16 décembre 2019

CSP-3000 is MEAN WELL first high-voltage power supply, providing 120V / 250V / 400V output voltage. Since it was launched, it has been highly favored and being widely used in laser, UV curing and charging applications. In order to make the product fit to the market application better, several upgrades from customers’ feedbacks are made, listed as follow:

  1. Adjusting PV/PC Function
    The original access to external voltage signal of PV/PC is 20%~100%, 8%~100% for PWM. After optimization, the external voltage and PWM signal controllable range are uniformly defined (show as Fig. 1), and the PV range is 15% to 100%, PC range is 8% ~ 100%.
  2. Adjusting PV/PC Function(Fig. 1)
  3. Adding PV/PC Adjustment Method
    PV/PC can be adjusted via two methods, one is external voltage 10V, and the other is 500~1KHz PWM signal, enhancing the adjustment flexibility. (show as Fig. 2)
  4. Adding PV/PC Adjustment Method(Fig. 2)
  5. Canceling Rapid Output Response
    CN2 PIN5/PIN6 functions were rapid output response. However, considering the speed of 500Hz~1KHz is not fast enough for certain applications, rapid output response is removed after the optimization (Fig.3). CN2 PIN5/PIN6 are for PV/PC function and NC PIN for PIN7/PIN8.
  6. Before

    Canceling Rapid Output Response


    Canceling Rapid Output Response(Fig. 3)
  7. Adding LED Signal
    With adding LED Signal function, users can quickly determine whether the power supply is working normally or not for troubleshooting.
  8. Adding LED Signal(Fig. 4)
  9. Adding Conformal Coating
    As most CSP-3000 models are applied in a dusty and humid environment from customers’ feedbacks, conformal coating is added to standard products. (Fig.5)
  10. Adding Conformal Coating

    (Fig. 5)

The following standard product series are upgraded to the new version after the production dated 2019/12/17(production lot.: W2001B). MEAN WELL will fully absorb the costs incurred from this upgrade and will not increase the product price. If you have any questions, please check the updated product datasheet on the MEAN WELL website or contact your MEAN WELL sales representative.

Model Upgraded Date Lot. No.
CSP-3000 2019.12.17 W2001B
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Chargement en cours