Product Update Notice: IRM-05/10/15/20/30/45/60 Specification Upgrade

lundi 29 juillet 2019

To satisfy the 277VAC power system in North America, the usage in countries with unstable AC supply, end equipment with over voltage OVCⅢrequirement, and BSMI safety certificate in Taiwan, MEAN WELL optimizes the over-million-sales product, IRM series 5~60W standard product by upgrading the specification and acquiring for BSMI safety certificate.

After the upgrade, the new version products outdo its' original version, making them great alternatives. The updated specification has been uploaded to the website except for IRM-15/20(Note.1). MEAN WELL fully takes in any relevant cost, making no adjustment on the pricing. Should there be any questions, please refer to the updated specification on the website or contact MEAN WELL sales representatives.

I. Upgrade Comparison :

Series Upgrade Detail
Before After
IRM-05/10/15/20 1. 90~264VAC
2. Without BSMI certification
1. 90~305VAC
2. With BSMI
1. 90~264VAC
2. Without BSMI certification
3. Without OVCⅢ
1. 90~305VAC
2. With BSMI
3. With OVCⅢ

II. Upgrade Schedule

Model Upgraded Date Lot. No.
IRM-05/10 2018.11.13 Y1812A
IRM-15/20 2019.10.8 Y1910D
IRM-30/IRM-30-ST 2019.6.11 Y1907A
2019.6.4 Y1906D

Note. 1 As the previous manufacturing materials of IRM-15/20 series needed to be consumed, it will take some time to thoroughly convert into the upgraded version. The upgraded version of IRM-15/20 series and specifications shall be released on 2019.10.08.

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