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New Mean Well DC/DC Converters

The following new MeanWell items have been released on our webshop.

Mean Well SFTN02/DETN02 Series Mean Well SFTN02/DETN02 Series

New in February 2019

Those two series are mainly designed for the functions to isolate interference and convert voltage for the power system installed on-board the PCB.

Mean Well NID35/65/100 Series Mean Well NID35/65/100 Series

New in January 2019

NID35/65/100 are pin to pin compatible with NID30/60 which features seamless upgrade. The main features are: 10.5~53Vdc wide range input voltage to cover 24V/48V DC Bus voltage commonly used in systems, operating temperature -30 to +85 °C with convection cooling.

Mean Well RSDW20/RDDW20 Series Mean Well RSDW20/RDDW20 Series

New in May 2018

The RSDW/RDDW20 series are designed according to universally accepted size and pin-out standards for 2”x1” converters, certified to the EN55032, EAC TP TC004, and EN50155 railway safety standards.

Mean Well RSDW08/RSDW10/RDDW08/RDDW10 Series Mean Well RSDW08/RSDW10/RDDW08/RDDW10 Series

New in April 2018

The RSDW/RDDW08 and RSDW/RDDW10 are designed according to the international DIP24 pin-out standard and are certified to the EN55032, EAC TP TC004, and EN50155 railway safety standards.

Mean Well SCWN06/DCWN06 Series Mean Well  SCWN06/DCWN06 Series

New in March 2018

The SCWN/DCWN06 series are designed according to the DIP24 dual in-line package standard and can be used as a direct replacement to the older SCW/DCW05 or any other products that share the same DIP24 footprint.

Mean Well SCW20 Series Mean Well SCW20 Series

New in February 2018

The SCW20 offers the highest power density (41.6W/in3 ) out of all the DIP24 DC/DC converters currently available to the market. In addition, MEAN WELL is the only manufacturer with a 20W option in the DIP24 package.

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