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Mean Well NID35/65/100 Serie

NID35/65/100 Series

New in January 2019

In order to meet the application-wise demands of the DC-DC market for non-isolated, low-cost and low-profile plug-in assembly, MEAN WELL has re-designed the NID30/60 series, which has been on the market for 10 years, and introduced the next generation NID35/65 series (35/65W ) and expands the product family with 100W NID100 series to meet the needs of higher wattage and higher operating temperature.

NID35/65/100 are pin to pin compatible with NID30/60 which features seamless upgrade. The main features are: 10.5~53Vdc wide range input voltage to cover 24V/48V DC Bus voltage commonly used in systems, operating temperature -30 to +85 °C with convection cooling. It can meet EN55032 Class A EMI radiation standard without adding extra component, 3-year long-term warranty, etc. It fits for use in information communication, networking equipment, industrial automation, telecom equipment and distributed power architecture and other related applications.
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