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Mean Well SPB09/DPB09

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In response to the popular trend that more and more compact in size to system design nowadays, the demand for the miniaturized DC/DC converter is also increasing. Thus, once MEAN WELL launched 1-6W DC/DC converter featuring SIP single-row PIN, wide range input voltage, it immediately becomes a hit on the market and garners a good reputation. With a view to the needs of higher wattage and small size, MEAN WELL recently launched a new 9W single-output SPB09 and dual-output DPB09 series.

Main features of those two series: standard pin-out and ultra-small size that help providing better power solution for space-constrained equipment, together with features such as 2:1 wide range input voltage, ultra-wide working temperature, 1500VDC input/output isolation, remote ON/OFF control, output short circuit and overload protection. In addition, due to the internal potting package design, it is highly free from impact resulting from external high dust and high humidity harsh environmental. With such high reliability, it is suitable for electronic instruments, information and communication equipment, industrial automation, and distributed power architecture related applications.

Features Mean Well SPB09/DPB09 DC-DC Converter

  • Ultra-small SIP package, high power density
  • 2:1 ratio, wide range input voltage
  • Convection cooling allows converter to operate at -40~+90°C
  • No minimum load is required for the converter to work normally
  • Built-in remote ON/OFF control
  • Protections: short circuit/overload protection
  • Dimensions (length x width x height): 24 x 9.6 x 11.2mm
  • Safety Approval: EAC/CE
  • 3-year warranty

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