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New Mean Well Enclosed Power Supplies

The following new MeanWell items have been released on our webshop.

Mean Well UHP-1500 Series Mean Well UHP-1500 Series

New in August 2019

UHP-1500 is the first conduction-cooled series equipped with communication function that built-in PMBus or CANBus is available for customer to choose from. The communication protocols allow the power supply to be seamlessly integrated into high-end systems such as data center, network equipment, and charging system.

Mean Well RPS-500 Series Mean Well RPS-500 Series

New in April 2019

RPS-500 series comes with options for multiple form factors, including bare PCB (RPS-500), fanless covered (RPS-500-C), as well as chassis mount with built-in fans (top fan: RPS-500-TF; side fan: RPS-500-SF). With the various optional offerings, MEAN WELL is able to provide new standard power solutions for many different medical applications.

Mean Well UMP-400 Series Mean Well UMP-400 Series

New in April 2019

MEAN WELL is proud to introduce the AC-DC 400W low-profile modular fan-less power supply, UMP-400 series. This product is a 1U low profile power supply which can also be modularized. The concept of being flexible and modular makes it an uncommon type of power supply on the market.

Mean Well CSP-3000 Series Mean Well CSP-3000 Series

New in March 2019

CSP-3000’s most important feature is providing 120V/250V/400VDC high voltage output. Combined with constant current limit set at 100% output, this product series is very suitable for laser, UV curing, and charging equipment.

Mean Well XBG-160 Series Mean Well XBG-160 Series

New in March 2019

XBG-160 series can be used at 100% load output with driver current from 2850 m A ~4100 m A at 160w full power output. This series is a suitable fit for industrial application.

Mean Well UHP-750/UHP-1000 Series Mean Well UHP-750/UHP-1000 Series

New in Feburary 2019

MEAN WELL expands to higher power coverage by releasing the UHP-750 (750W) and UHP-1000 (1000W) series. Undoubtedly, the UHP-750 series and UHP-1000 series will be the top choice for high-power power supplies that are suitable for applications in a wide variety of environment.

Mean Well MSP-1000 Series Mean Well MSP-1000 Series

New in June 2018

The major feature for MSP-1000 series is sharing the same mechanism with MSP-600 series. Customers are able to replace 600W power supply with 1000W one without modifying system space.

Mean Well HRPG-1000 Series Mean Well HRPG-1000 Series

New in May 2018

The primary feature for HRPG-1000 series is sharing the same mechanism with HRPG-600 series. Customers are able to replace 600W power supply with 1000W one without modifying system space.

Mean Well DPU-3200/DRP-3200 Series Mean Well DPU-3200/DRP-3200 Series

New in April 2018

DRP/DPU-3200 series are 3.2KW single output rack-type/enclosed type AC/DC power supply separately in 1U low profile with high power density up to 37W/inch3.

Mean Well PSPA-1000 Series Mean Well PSPA-1000 Series

New in March 2018

The outstanding feature for PSPA-1000 is sharing the same mechanism with PSP-600. Customers can replace 600W power supply with 1000W one without modifying space.

Mean Well LHP-200 Series Mean Well LHP-200 Series

New in February 2018

MEAN WELL introduces display family product—LHP-200 series (200W) , which equips with slim and low profile as 26mm, built-in PFC function, current sharing function and output DC OK signal function.

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