Nouvelle produits

New KNX Power products

Mean Well KNX-40E 1280D Mean Well KNX-40E 1280D

New in May 2019

L'alimentation KNX-40E-1280D de KNX est une alimentation de 1 280 mA avec un rendement élevé et une faible empreinte de seulement 4SU (72 mm). L'alimentation est équipée d'une sortie d'inductance de bus KNX et d'une sortie d'alimentation auxiliaire supplémentaire.

Mean Well KNX-40E Mean Well KNX-40E

New in February 2019

The KNX Power Supply KNX-40E-1280 is a 1280 mA power supply with high efficiency and a small footprint of only 4SU (72 mm). The device has a KNX bus choke output and additional output for auxiliary power.

Mean Well KAA-4R4V Mean Well KAA-4R4V

New in December 2018

The KAA-4R4V dimming actuator is a 4 channels device with high-quality independent latching relay to turn on or off, which is suitable for MEANWELL all kinds of LED drivers.

Mean Well KAA-8R Mean Well KAA-8R

New in November 2018

The KAA-8R Universal Actuator is suitable for different load situations and possible for many application areas up to 8 independent channels.

Mean Well KSC Mean Well KSC

New in April 2019

The KSC-01L model has built-in automatic telegram filtering function, to ease commissioning and troubleshooting the manual function for short-time telegram filter switch-off and special routing/repetition/confirmation/settings are available.

Mean Well KSR-01IP Mean Well KSR-01IP

New in September 2018

The IP TP media coupler KSR-01IP is a KNXnet/IP routing & tunneling device and works as KNX IP line/area coupler. No need to have an external power supply for powering.

Mean Well KSI-01U Mean Well  KSI-01U

New in August 2018

KSI-01U is an interface for establishing a bidirectional connection between a PC and the KNX installation bus. The USB connector has a galvanic separation from the KNX bus.

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