Privacy Notice

1. General

Telerex respects the privacy of all their website's users and makes every effort to make sure the personal information you provide is dealt with sensitively. We use your details to make sure we can handle your orders as quickly and as easily as possible.

1.1 The client agrees that Telerex collects and processes data which can identify the website's users. Telerex hereby declares that this data is only used to make sure that agreements entered into via the website can be correctly executed, to help improve our services and to better understand and deal with personal preferences and requests.

1.2 Telerex recognizes their responsibility when it comes to using personal data. Telerex hereby declares they take this responsibility seriously and will never, without the client's permission, share personal data with other companies.

1.3 The client retains the right to view their personal data at reasonable intervals. The client also retains the right to request to change their personal data or have these details changed if the client believes they are incorrect or incomplete.

1.4 The collection of personal data is closely linked to article 1.1 of these terms and conditions. A client may object to the collection of their personal data. Telerex will immediately stop collecting this information and remove this data, and/or destroy it. However, without this data it is impossible to recognize the client when they visit the website. This is why the login account created for the client will no longer be valid if this data is removed.

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Chargement en cours