Nouvelle meanwell alimentations

Nouvelles Alimentations Mean Well

Mean well annonce une nouvelle série pour les driver LED, les alimentations en rail DIN ou toute autre application où des alimentations sont nécessaires.

TDR-240 Series

TDR-240’s key features include: 340~550VAC 3-phase input (2-phase input operational), fanless design cooled by free air convection, full load operation up to +60°C, 63mm narrow width, and a size that is 43% smaller than the previous generation DRT-240 series, which can solve spacing issues in limited space. In addition, the product series complies with the industrial immunity level based on the EN61000-6-2 (EN50082-2) standards and passes UL61010/TUV EN61558-2-16/EAC/CE international safety approvals. Suitable applications include industrial control systems, semiconductor fabrication equipment, factory automation, industrial electrical equipment, as well as environments that require low noise level and fanless power supplies.

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GSM12E/U Series

GSM12E/U series are wall-mount adaptors that come with AC plug options suitable for either EU (E Type) and USA (U Type) applications. Since the adaptors plug directly into the AC wall outlet, the end users do not need to purchase extra AC cable to pair with the adaptors. Key product features include: space-saving miniature enclosure design, compliance to DoE Level VI and EU ErP efficiency regulations, 2xMOPP isolation level, suitability for BF type applications, and ultra-low leakage current. In addition, the GSM12E/U passes EU EN60601-1-11 and USA ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1-11 home healthcare safety standards, thus are the perfect fit for all types of home healthcare medical devices and portable medical equipment.

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LCM-40/60EO Series

MEAN WELL, the leading standard LED driver manufacturer, continues to promote the wireless building automation technology for making a green and sustainable society. The wireless LED controls portfolio is ideal for both, new buildings and retrofits. They can be easily introduced into intelligent building technology: in residential buildings, all you need to do is connect a transmitter to a receiver, e.g. LED driver – and you're done. This basic installation can be easily combined with existing systems and extended at will.

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