Nouvelle meanwell alimentations

Nouvelles Alimentations Mean Well

Mean well annonce une nouvelle série pour les driver LED, les alimentations en rail DIN ou toute autre application où des alimentations sont nécessaires.

SPD-10-320S Series

SPD-10-320S series is an LED driver surge protection device mainly composed of MOV, GDT and flame-retardant shell, which is suitable for second-level and third-level surge protection of low-voltage distribution systems and LED electrical equipment. SPD-10-320S can dramatically decrease the high surge impact of lightning to luminaires, which expands luminaires life cycle.

DDR-240 Series

The DDR-240 series has ultra-slim enclosure design with a width dimension of only 40mm. This enables convenient installation onto TS-35/7.5 or 15 standard DIN rails without having to worry about spacing. The product design also includes outstanding features such as 2:1 wide input range, 4000VDC I/O isolation, -40~70°C wide operating temperature range, 150% peak load capability, current sharing up to 960W (3+1), and 5G anti-vibration capability.

MSP-1000 Series

The major feature for MSP-1000 series is sharing the same mechanism with MSP-600 series. Customers are able to replace 600W power supply with 1000W one without modifying system space. Other features include high efficiency up to 94%, wide working temperature range -40℃~70℃(12V and 24V models especially have derating performances of 60℃).

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Chargement en cours