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Nouvelle meanwell alimentations

Nouvelles Alimentations Mean Well

Mean well annonce une nouvelle série pour les driver LED, les alimentations en rail DIN ou toute autre application où des alimentations sont nécessaires.

KNX-40E Series

The KNX Power Supply KNX-40E-1280 is a 1280 mA power supply with high efficiency and a small footprint of only 4SU (72 mm). Key product features include:
  • EIB/KNX power supply with integrated choke
  • Compact size with 4SU width(72mm)
  • Safety extra low voltage (SELV)
  • Suitable for TP1-256
  • 180~264 VAC input
  • Protections: short circuit/overload(short-circuit-proof)/over voltage
  • Cooling by free air convection
  • Isolation class I
  • LED indicator for normal operation, bus reset and bus overload
  • Installed on DIN rail TS-35/7.5 or 15
  • Over Voltage category Ⅲ
  • 100% full load burn-in test
  • 3 years warranty

FDHC-100 Series

FDHC-100 series is specially designed with AC input over voltage cut-off function for areas with unstable electricity supply. Key product features include:
  • Constant Power mode output
  • Full power output current range 70~100%
  • Built-in Input over voltage cut-off function
  • Built-in Active PFC and THD
  • Safety certificate: BIS
  • Protections:SCP/OTP
  • IP67 waterproof design
  • 3 years warranty

SFTN02/DETN02 Series

Those two series are mainly designed for the functions to isolate interference and convert voltage for the power system installed on-board the PCB. Key product features include:
  • SMD package, standard pin-out
  • Competitive price
  • Convection cooling can operate at -40~+100°C
  • No additional parts are required to comply with EN55032 radiation Class A
  • Protection: short circuit protection
  • Taping and reel packaging (optional, package is shown below)
  • Safety certification: EAC/CE
  • Dimension (LxWxH) : 15.24 x10.9x7.1mm
  • 3 years warranty
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