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Nouvelles Alimentations Mean Well

Mean well annonce une nouvelle série pour les driver LED, les alimentations en rail DIN ou toute autre application où des alimentations sont nécessaires.

MDS03/06 & MDD03/06 Series

After the release of the medical grade DC/DC converters MDS01/02, MDD/01/02, and MDD15/20 series, MEAN WELL is now launching the new 3W/6W single output MDS03/06 and dual output MDD03/06 series. Key product features include:
  • 1.25〞x 0.8〞industry-standard footprint and pin assignment
  • 4:1 ultra-wide input range
  • Approval: IEC60601-1 (2×MOPP)
  • Ultra-low patient contact leakage less than 5μA
  • 4KVac/6Kvdc reinforced isolation
  • -40 ~ +90℃ ultra-wide operating temperature range
  • Protections: Short circuit / Overload
  • Dimensions: 31.8 x 20.8 x 12.2mm
  • 3 years Warranty

DLC-02 Series

The DLC-02 series can be perfectly matched with any DALI-2 and KNX-certified related products. In addition to the above functions, this series has all the features of DALI-2, including simple use, open protocol, fully interoperability. Key product features include:
  • Comply with IEC 62386 DALI-2, and Part 101/103/207/208/301/302/303/304
  • 2 x channels of DALI bus, for control gear and control device using
  • 4 x programmable relays, for electrical switch or curtains control
  • DLC software for system settings or remotely through internet
  • Built-in LCD display and control buttons to set and view settings
  • Built-in timer IC, commission schedule
  • Communication interface: RJ-45 and KNX, for connection expansion with other building automation systems
  • DIN-Rail mounting, compact design 8SU width (144x 90x 58.4mm)

PWM-200KN Series

PWM-200KN series is constant voltage driver with PWM style output, which is able to maintain the colour temperature and the brightness homogeneity when driving all kinds of LED strips. Key product features include:
  • Integrated KNX with Data Secure protocol, no need KNX-DALI gateway
  • Support of pre-filled constant light output (CLO, L70/L80/L90) parameters in ETS
  • Single channel & constant voltage PWM style output with user changeable frequency up to 4KHZ, compliant IEEE 1789-2015 no risk requirement
  • Meet SELV and class II design without FG
  • Built-in active PFC function and Efficiency up to 94%
  • Standby power consumption less than 0.5W
  • Typical lifetime >50000 hours and 5 years warranty

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