Product Upgrade and Replacement Notice: SBTN/SFTN/DETN01 Series Acquire CB/UL Safety Regulation

lundi 1 juillet 2019

As the SMD Type DC-DC converter SBT01/SFT01/DET01 series were launched 14 years ago, to purchase the manufacture materials became relatively difficult. From 1st, July 2019, the lead time of the SBT01/SFT01/DET01 series was prolonged to 90 days instead of 35 days and will be EOL in Sept. 30, 2019.

To respond to the following phased-out procedure and customers’ demands, the replacement products, SBTN/SFTN/DETN01 series acquired CB/UL safety regulation in July 2019. As a result, MEAN WELL strongly advised users to replace the old series with the higher cost-performance SBT01/SFT01/DET01 series. Should there be any questions, please refer to the updated specification on the website or contact MEAN WELL sales representatives.

New Generation Old Generation
SBTN01 , SFTN01 , DETN01 SBT01 , SFT01 , DET01
Pin out Same pin out.  Apply to the new generation without modification.
Wattage 1W
Output Voltage (Vdc) 4.5~5.5V , 10.8~13.2V , 21.6~26.4V 4.5~5.5V ,10.8~13.2V
Input Voltage (Vdc) 5 , 12 , 15V
5 , 9 , 12 , 15V
Efficiency 76~84% (by models) 70~75% (by models)
Working temp. -40~+90°C (>+85℃ derating) -40~+85℃ (>+70℃ derating)
I/O isolation (Vdc) 1.5~3KV (by models) 1KV
Dimension(LxWxH) SBTN01: 12.9 *10.9 * 7.1mm
SFTN01/DETN01: 15.24*10.9*7.1mm
SBT01: 12.7 * 7.5 * 6mm
SFT01/DET01: 15.24*7.5*6.5mm
Safety Regulation CB IEC62368-1, UL62368-1, EAC, CE UL60950-1
Warranty 3 years 1 year
Production Site Taiwan China

Note: Due to the size limitation, there is no space to mark the UL mark. No UL mark is on the SBTN01 , SFTN01 , DETN01 series.

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