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Product Change Notice: MEAN WELL G3 Family is Changed to Kraft Box Packing

maandag 13 januari 2020

The G3 family, RS / RD / RID / RT / RQ series, has always been the first choice for multi-output high CP value industrial control power supply, reaching annual sales of over 5 million units. Such a large sales volume arouses our awareness of its packaging materials. Thus, the previous color packaging box of the G3 family is replaced with Kraft box (Figure 1), which can effectively reduce the wastewater and ink due to printing. Through this product packing change, MEAN WELL practices our commitment to environmental protection.

The following standard product series are upgraded to the new version after the production dated 2019/12/10 (production lot.: Y2001A). MEAN WELL will fully absorb the costs incurred from this upgrade and will not increase the product price. If you have any questions, please check the updated product datasheet on the MEAN WELL website or contact your MEAN WELL sales representative.

Figure 1

BeforeImage title
AfterImage title
ModelUpgraded DateLot No.

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