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New Mean Well DC/DC Converters

The following new MeanWell items have been released on our webshop.

Mean Well SPRN01/DPRN01 Series Mean Well SPRN01/DPRN01 Series

New in June 2019

In comparison to the old generation SPR01, these new products have wider operating temperature range (-40~+90℃), higher I/O isolation level (1.5KVDC), and higher conversion efficiency (up to 73%).

Mean Well SPB09/DPB09 Series Mean Well SPB09/DPB09 Series

New in February 2019

With a view to the needs of higher wattage and small size, MEAN WELL recently launched a new 9W single-output SPB09 and dual-output DPB09 series.

Mean Well SFTN02/DETN02 Series Mean Well SFTN02/DETN02 Series

New in February 2019

Those two series are mainly designed for the functions to isolate interference and convert voltage for the power system installed on-board the PCB.

Mean Well NID35/65/100 Series Mean Well NID35/65/100 Series

New in January 2019

NID35/65/100 are pin to pin compatible with NID30/60 which features seamless upgrade. The main features are: 10.5~53Vdc wide range input voltage to cover 24V/48V DC Bus voltage commonly used in systems, operating temperature -30 to +85 °C with convection cooling.

Mean Well RSDW20/RDDW20 Series Mean Well RSDW20/RDDW20 Series

New in May 2018

The RSDW/RDDW20 series are designed according to universally accepted size and pin-out standards for 2”x1” converters, certified to the EN55032, EAC TP TC004, and EN50155 railway safety standards.

Mean Well RSDW08/RSDW10/RDDW08/RDDW10 Series Mean Well RSDW08/RSDW10/RDDW08/RDDW10 Series

New in April 2018

The RSDW/RDDW08 and RSDW/RDDW10 are designed according to the international DIP24 pin-out standard and are certified to the EN55032, EAC TP TC004, and EN50155 railway safety standards.