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Mean Well GST18/GST25/GST36

Mean Well GST40/GST60/GST90/GST120/GST160/GST220/GST280

GST Series

European and American regions have decreed several energy-saving regulations to external adaptors which are widely used by every industry to lessen the energy depletion since 2009. However, these regulations also cause trade barriers to a certain content. As the leading standard switching power supply manufacturer in the world, MEAN WELL always regards vigorously supports our customers selling their end products worldwide and enlarging the application fields as our primary objective that the GST family (18~280W) are planned to be the main force of standard industrial adaptors of MEAN WELL with the up-to-date energy efficiency regulation compliances (DoE Level VI/CoC Version 5) and complete global safety certifications.

In addition to TUV(EU), UL/CUL(North America), CCC(China), BSMI(Taiwan), PSE(Japan) and RCM(Australia), MEAN WELL further applies for KC(Korea), BIS(India), EAC(Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia) and SIRIM(Malaysia[PS.1]) certifications that the GST family has possessed over 10 kinds of the safety certifications since October 2016. More than 90 percent of the world is covered that you can take this advantage of saving large amounts of money on certificate charge and get rid of the complicated certificate programs for your end system. If you have not found appropriate adaptors with complete certifications for world-wide selling yet and still look for it, the GST family of MEAN WELL will be your best choice!

In order to make our customers easily understand, please refer to the following list:
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