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Mean Well HBG-100(P)/160(P) Serie

and Mean Well HBG-200-DA

HBG-100(P)/160(P)/200-DA Series

New in November 2017

MEAN WELL metal housing, HBG series, and PCB Type, HBG-P, series have been highly appreciated since its debut. The unique circular shape design can be easily installed on circular lamps and their dustproof/waterproof characteristics make them suitable for various applications. By increasing DALI control interface models and complying with international regulations IEC62386-101, 102, and 207, market demands for intelligent dimming application can be satisfied as well as LED luminaries system manufacturers have better planning flexibility and market demands are fully satisfied.

Features Mean Well HBG-100(P)/160(P)/200-DA

  • Constant Voltage + Constant Current mode output (Constant Current mode only for HBG-100 (P))
  • MEAN WELL patented circular metal housing with class I design(Patent No.: CN201220314551)
  • Built-in active PFC function
  • IP67 / IP65 rating for indoor or outdoor installations
  • Function options: output adjustable via potentiometer,3 in 1 dimming, DALI
  • Working temperature: HBG series : -40~+85℃ / HBG-P series : -40~+45℃
  • Protection: Short circuit, overload, over voltage ,over temperature
  • UL/ENEC/TUV/CCC/CB/CE certified
  • Dimension (D x H): HBG-100 : ψ130 x66.5mm;
                                         HBG-100-P : ψ104 x34mm;
                                         HBG-160 : ψ151.68 x 66.5mm;
                                         HBG-160-P : ψ124.6 x34mm;
                                         HBG-200 : ψ151.68x 66.5mm
  • 5 years warranty

Application Mean Well HBG-100(P)/160(P)/200-DA
HBG-100(P)/160(P)/200-DA Application

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