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Mean Well IDLC/IDPC/ODLC-45-DA Serie

IDLC/ IDPC/ ODLC -45-DA Series

New in October 2017

After the announcement of constant current output series with flicker free design, IDLC/ODLC/IDPC series, they have received wild response.
The three new DALI series are listed under IDLC / IDPC / ODLC-45 series (no DALI models), sharing the same electrical specifications with the non DALI models separately. By increasing DALI control interface models and complying with international regulations IEC62386-101 and 102, demands for intelligent control dimming applications can be fully satisfied. Suitable applications include LED panel lighting, LED flood lighting, LED indoor lighting, etc…

Features Mean Well IDLC/IDPC/ODLC-45-DA Series

  • Constant current output
  • Flicker free Design
  • Built-in Active PFC
  • Standby power consumption :DA-Type
  • Working temperature — IDLC/ODLC:-20~+85℃(Tc); IDPC:-20~+40℃(Ta)
  • Protection:Short Circuit
  • UL/ENEC/TUV/CCC/CB/CE certified
  • Dimension— IDLC : 120x75x25mm/ODLC:111x77x28.5mm/IDPC:120x66.5x25mm
  • 3 years warranty

Application Mean Well IDLC/IDPC/ODLC-45-DA
IDLC/ IDPC/ ODLC -45-DA Application

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