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Mean Well LCM-40/60BLE Serie

LCM-40/60BLE series

New in September 2019

One major market trend in LED industrial lighting is how to make LED luminaires intelligent. MEAN WELL is dedicated to designing innovative power supplies, which is why we have developed the LCM-40/60BLE LED driver with a Bluetooth mesh networking solution, allowing customers to control luminaires using Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 mesh protocol. All that is required a smartphone or tablet to set up the initial settings and controls.

Working in cooperation with the European company Casambi, which is dedicated to developing Bluetooth mesh networking solutions, MEAN WELL has integrated the Bluetooth mesh module with our LCM-40/60BLE series. Both models can be used with any indoor or commercial luminaires.

To get started, all you need to do is download an app, which you can then use to set up any grouping/scenes, timer schedules, etc. Customers can also operate LCM-40/60BLE with all Casambi-compatible devices, such as wall switches or light sensor devices to extend the network and develop personalized intelligent lighting control systems. Moreover, the LCM-40/60BLE series is designed with a dip switch for output current selection, which is good for reducing product output stock keeping unit (SKU).

The LCM-40/60BLE series includes one freely assignable AC mains (push) input. Using the traditional wall rocker, this can be programmed to control not only the driver being wired but also to some or all of the available luminaries—including groups and scenes— in the air to achieve flexible lighting control.

The Bluetooth low energy 4.0 mesh networking solution can be connected automatically as self-organizing with wireless mesh networking, this allows for the control of a large number of luminaires from a single point without the need for extra gateways. The Casambi Bluetooth app can even be connected to the cloud for data storage, and many Casambi Bluetooth control devices are ready for immediate use. Please visit the Casambi website for more information on their available Bluetooth solutions.

Features Mean Well LCM-40/60BLE Series Bluetooth Mesh LED Driver

  • Output driver current adjustable by dip switch
  • Plastic housing and class II design without FG
  • Built-in active PFC function and Efficiency up to 90%
  • Dimming functions with Bluetooth Mesh and Push input
  • Protections: Short circuit/Over voltage/Over temperature
  • Surge protection with 2KV(L-N)
  • Lifetime >50,000 hrs

Application Mean Well LCM-40/60BLE Series Bluetooth Mesh LED DriverLCM-40/60BLE application

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