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Mean Well LSP-160 Serie

LSP-160 Series

New in March 2020

The LSP series is a new miniature enclosure-type power supply which is mainly developed to provide equipment with high stability feature and redundant functions. Slim width (55mm) and low profile(20 mm) case with fanless design is a perfect fit for indoor noise-free equipment or narrow-sized display applications.

In addition to the miniature mechanism design strength, a few highlights are worthy of attention. Fanless design solve noise and lifespan issue at the same time. The output provides DC OK and current sharing (redundancy)function to monitor and parallel the power supply respectively.The redundancy function greatly reduces the risk of system failure. Besides, LSP series also design with semi-potting feature, optimizong system device reliability issue especially in high moisture environment. Launced with terminal blocks and wafer connectors(Optional) to offer more configuration flexibility.

Features Mean Well LSP-160 series Low Profile and Noise-free Enclosed Type Power Supply

  • Slim width and low profile
  • Fanless design for no noise environment
  • Protections: Short circuit/Over voltage/Over temperature/Over load
  • Design with DC OK and Redundant function(small than 5V)
  • Semi-potting design for high moisture environment
  • LED indicator for Power on
  • 3 years warranty

Application Mean Well LSP-160 series Low Profile and Noise-free Enclosed Type Power SupplyLSP-160 Application

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