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Mean Well SBTN01

SBTN01 Series

New in February 2017

In order to enhance DC - DC converter competitiveness, MEAN WELL launches new SMD single output 1W unregulated DC- DC converter ~ SBTN01 series. Compared to SBT01,the last generation, the new SBTN01 series has wider operating temperature(-40 to 90 ° C), higher I / O isolation (1.5KVDC) and efficiency (up to 84%). In addition, the terminal system PCB board does not need to be redesign since SBTN01 pin assignments follow the original SBT01 series. Suitable applications include IoT , electronics, telecom, networking, industrial control, and various distributed power architecture…etc.

Application Mean Well 1W SMD Type DC-DC Converter
SBTN01 Application

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