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Mean Well SLC03/SCWN03 Serie

Mean Well DLC03/DCWN03

SLC03/SCWN03/DLC03/DCWN03 Series

To elevate MEAN WELL product competitiveness and product line completeness in DIP package, MEAN WELL now releases new four series~slim and miniature SLC03/DLC03 as well as upgraded SCWN03/DCWN03. After this new release, MEAN WELL is pleased to offer better specifications with more complete AC/DC+DC/DC combination in DIP package DC-DC converter.

These 4 series are designed to comply with standard pin assignment in the market, in both mechanism design and in package. In addition to featuring wide input range 2:1and ultra-wide range of working temperature (-40~+90°C), they are guaranteed three years warranty. Suitable applications include IoT , electronics, telecom, networking, industrial control, and various distributed power architecture…etc. For further new products details and comparison, please refer to the following selection table:

Application Mean Well 3W DIP Package DC-DC Converter
SLC03/SCWN03/DLC03/DCWN03 Application

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