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New Mean Well LED Drivers

The following new MeanWell items have been released on our webshop.

Mean Well PWM-60/90-DA Series Mean Well PWM-60/90-DA Series

New in March 2019

MEAN WELL decided to add DALI function to the current PWM style output style LED Driver series— PWM-120 series, which led to a wide and huge positive feedback from the market. To further satisfy customers’ demands, the DALI function was added to the current PWM-60/90 series, through which, we believe broader applications can be covered.

Mean Well FDHC-100 Series Mean Well FDHC-100 Series

New in February 2019

FDHC-100 series is specially designed with AC input over voltage cut-off function for areas with unstable electricity supply. With such a function, the reliability of LED driver becomes higher and can even extend the lifetime of luminaires.

Mean Well XLG-25/50 Series Mean Well XLG-25/50 Series

New in November 2018

It can be used for LED Bay light/Streetlight/Horticulture lighting and flood light applications. XLG series applies the constant current and constant power design, which remarkably enhances the convenience of integrating model selection.

Mean Well LCM-40/60EO Series Mean Well LCM-40/60EO Series

New in September 2018

LCM-40/60EO series(40/60W) is a AC/DC constant current mode output LED driver featuring the multiple levels selectable by dip switch.

Mean Well ELG-300/ELGC-300 Series Mean Well ELG-300/ELGC-300 Series

New in September 2018

ELGC-300 series can operate with wide AC input range from 100 to 305V. Furthermore, it adopts the Global Input /Output cable design, which can be applied worldwide.

Mean Well HBGC-300 Series Mean Well HBGC-300 Series

New in August 2018

HBGC-300 series can operate with wild AC input range(100 ~305 VAC) and adopts constant power mode design, reaching high efficiency up to 94.5%.

Mean Well HVGC-650 Series Mean Well HVGC-650 Series

New in May 2018

HVGC-650 series can operate with single phase input or one phase distributed from three phase input, which is a great advantage to industrial environment lighting or horticultural lighting application.

Mean Well FDLC-100 Series Mean Well FDLC-100 Series

New in May 2018

This series also adopts constant power mode design with input range: 180 ~ 295VAC and the output range: 1300~3000mA.

Mean Well LDC-35/55/80 DA Series Mean Well LDC-35/55/80 DA Series

New in May 2018

LDC-35DA/55DA/80 DA series adopts the linear design, which makes them suitable for slim lighting fixtures. Furthermore, LDC series is equipped with complete dimming function.

Mean Well LDC-35/80 Series Mean Well LDC-35/80 Series

New in March 2018

DC-35/80 series are constant power mode output with the design of full load current setting by adding resistance and the NTC temperature compensation function.

Mean Well LDC-55 Series Mean Well LDC-55 Series

New in February 2018

The product adopts linear design, and the size is only: 320 * 30 * 21mm.Furthermore, meeting international safety regulations: UL8750, EN61347-1.61347-2-13, GB19510.1 certification guarantee users’ safety.

Mean Well FDLC-80 Series Mean Well FDLC-80 Series

New in January 2018

DLC-80 series adopts constant power mode design with input range: 180 ~ 295VAC and the output range: 1000 ~ 2100mA.

Mean Well HBG-240-DA Series Mean Well HBG-240-DA Series

New in January 2018

Responding to DALI demands in the high bay market, MEAN WELL releases HBG-240-DA series(240W. By increasing DALI control interface models and complying with international regulations IEC62386-101, 102, and 207, LED luminaires system manufacturers have better planning flexibility and market demands are fully satisfied.

Mean Well IDLV/ IDPV-25 Series Mean Well IDLV/ IDPV-25 Series

New in January 2018

MEAN WELL has launched multiple indoor LED drivers. Plastic housing type IDLV family and PCB Type IDPV family are constant voltage PWM output with PFC function. To offer more choices, MEAN WELL extends the output power down to 25 wattage.

Mean Well HVGC-480 Series Mean Well HVGC-480 Series

New in November 2017

To cope with the market trend of LED special lamps application and to solve the problems of systems manufacturers’ selection of high-wattage waterproof LED power supplies, MEAN WELL debuts the first constant power mode LED driver, HVGC-480.

Mean Well HBG-100(P)/160(P)/200-DA Series Mean Well HBG-100(P)/160(P)/200-DA Series

New in November 2017

The unique circular shape design can be easily installed on circular lamps and their dustproof/waterproof characteristics make them suitable for various applications.