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New functions and assembly tutorials for NMP series


NMP is MEAN WELL new generation intelligent modular power supply, bringing forth state-of-the-art designs on two key parts: Front-End NMP-1K2 (1200W), NMP-650 (650W) and NMS-240 (240W) output module. This product family offers ultimate flexibility on configurable output power and voltage, which allows users to fully customize the output voltages by choosing from 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V output modules. Furthermore, user can increase output current via parallel connection of power modules or increase output voltage via serial connection.

NMP family also provides intelligent control functions including:

  1. Remote on/off (global or local on/off control), which can turn on/off entire power system at once or turn on/off specific module by choice.
  2. Output Voltage Programming (PV), using external signal voltage to tune up or down output voltage.
  3. Constant Current Level Programming (PC), using external signal voltage to tune up or down overload protection (OLP) trip point.
  4. DC OK signal output allows the system to monitor the status of power supply.
  5. 5V Aux output to drive devices within the system being powered by NMP.

NMP offers the utmost flexibility and intelligent control functions, especially fits for various types of application in medical and industrial domains. The videos below demonstrate how to install the modules and explain functions in details. For further information, please refer to NMP’s specifications or user manual.

New Functions Introduction Video

NMP Assembly Video

This article is written by Mean Well and originates from www.meanwell.com